UVL Philosophy

The partners of Umpqua Valley Lamb, including both producers and retail partners, care about animals and the environment. We are dedicated to environmentally sensitive practices in our pastures and water supplies, and to humane treatment of our animals. And we believe that the lambs we raise are not only healthier themselves but are part of a healthy diet for us. There is ample scientific evidence that the meat of livestock raised entirely in pastures is healthier for humans than that from animals that spend the last months of their lives in feedlots eating corn and other nutrients for which their digestive systems are not well-adapted. You can read a great deal more detail about the nutritional and environmental benefits of meat from pasture raised animals at Jo Robinson’s website, eatWILD.com. She is an investigative journalist who has done her homework.

Jo cites a glossary of terms put together by the Sustainable Table website regarding meat labeling which may be helpful to you in shaping your purchasing choices at the meat counter. This link will take you to the Sustainable Table labeling information for a whole variety of foods, not just meat.