Saving Water

We have just finished a project to use our irrigation water from Cow Creek more efficiently. For years we’ve used gun lines to irrigate many pastures, and they are quite beautiful. You’ve probably seen some of those lines in pastures while driving. But a great deal of the water they put out is lost to evaporation. Here’s a picture of a gun line in the distance. This picture also shows the ditch we used to bury our new lines. It’s an expensive process, in time and money, but we think it’s worth it to use our water better.

Gun & new line2-800xOne gun will utilize up to 50 gallons per minute, while pod lines (pictured below) will use perhaps 25-30 gallons per minute to cover a much larger area of pasture. And we think the pod lines can be quite beautiful, too! We value our water resource highly and thank God for water, the life-blood of our pastures.