We are a group of ranchers who raise some of the finest lamb in the Pacific Northwest on the wonderful pastures of western Oregon – no antibiotics and no hormones.

Lambing time 2016

We are winding down our first group of lambs for 2016 and I finally (!) get around to putting some pictures up. So far we’ve had about 10 triplets delivered. I say “So far”, because that might change by this afternoon:) We are thankful for a healthy bunch and that […]

Lambing Season is a go!

We began lambing in November, and that’s a busy time. It isn’t just the ewes that are busy, but us, too! Our ewes have had a good many triplets, and the vast majority have done well supporting their lambs. Only a few have needed to have some help. That’s a […]

Running fox


Over the years we have been delighted to see several families of American Red Foxes on and around our pastures. It is one of the blessings of leaving a great deal of land uncultivated. Most of the foxes we see are very shy. This year we were fortunate enough to […]

Saving Water

We have just finished a project to use our irrigation water from Cow Creek more efficiently. For years we’ve used gun lines to irrigate many pastures, and they are quite beautiful. You’ve probably seen some of those lines in pastures while driving. But a great deal of the water they […]

Visitors from Jackson County

Once again this year we were really pleased to have Charlie and Angie’s Jackson County Soil & Water Conservation class touring our pastures. They brought a great group of folks who looked at pastures while Kathy answered questions about pasture management and Leonard drove, pulling the wagon. After the tour […]

Lambing 2015

It’s been lambing season again for the past 4 months or so. We have just a few ewes still expecting. This year was marked by more triplets, which can be a challenge sometimes. Here are a couple of pictures of lambs at play. Some seem to think they’re mountain goats!

Rain & Pastures

We had an interesting week in February; many of you have seen this view of the pasture below our house in April. These pastures are amazingly productive with fertile top soil 20-25 feet deep in places. They are the result of thousands of years of top soil deposits that result […]

Lots of rain

Heavy rains have flooded one of our best pastures. Cow Creek overflowed its banks, as it has many times in the past – one of the reasons this field has such good soil.


A new set of triplets suddenly appeared on our ranch quite unexpectedly, months after the other lambs were born! So far, no one is claiming paternity…


We’ve been blessed to have a number of groups come to visit the ranch over the years. One of the groups that’s come annually for several years is the Jackson County Soil & Water group, and they recently visited to see how we deal with the challenges of taking care […]